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Assalamualaikum wr wb,

In our efforts to raise funds for our upgrading works, Darul Makmur Mosque is selling coupons for Nasi Briyani, a Singapore favourite, by Burrocks!!

Support our cause by purchasing a coupon of $10, for a single pack of Mutton Nasi Briyani, or a coupon of $50, for a 5 pax Family set which includes 5 Mutton Nasi Briyani, Ayam Masak Merah (Red Sauced Chicken), Dalca (Curry) with Acar (Pickled Vegetables) and all-time Indian classic, Suji~

Have it for yourself, your family or donate the coupon to needy families. 

Collection Date:
Sunday, 2nd September 2018
9 am to 1 pm

Coupons are available for purchase now at our Customer Service Counter, Level 2. 
Coupons are also available in booklets of 10 pieces of either $10 or $50.
We accept payment by Cash and NETS!

Purchasing coupons via i-Banking:
You may transfer to our OCBC Current Account: 581-652138-001 and email to korporat@darulmakmur.mosque.org.sg the reference number, the quantity you wish to purchase, and date you wish to collect the coupons on.
We will reply within 3 business days with confirmation receipt of transfer, coupon number and confirmation of the collection date for the coupons purchased. Coupons shall be collected by 31st August 2018.
Requests for collection on 2nd September 2018 will not be entertained. 

For bulk purchases of the coupon booklets (at least 5 booklets), the coupons can be mailed to the donor via registered mail at an additional charge of $3.50 at time of transfer.

Hurry! Get them before they are SOLD OUT!!