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The Corporate Development Department manages the Mosque’s corporate governance and strategic planning. This department plays an important role in ensuring effective administration, operation and compliance from the various units under its charge. The team in this department provides core support to other departments in the execution of all events and programs.


An integrated department that can be considered the core support of the mosque, we assist the events and programs of the mosques and provide a one-stop information centre for all visitor enquiries. The department oversees the other department-wide administrative functions that include payroll, human resources and the procurement of routine organizational supplies such as office supplies, food ordering. The department also maintains an enterprise computer software system that helps to track project costs, invoices, work orders, and budgets of the mosque. Providing assistance whenever to the events of the mosque, making the mosque a team-based working environment where all departments cross-function and as one entity.


Greeted with a smile as they walk-in the reception area, we handle fees, enquiries and sometimes a listening ear to visitors who seek refuge in the mosque from their daily lives. Being the first line of contact between visitors and the mosque, we ensure the smooth transition of information between the mosque, visitors and the congregation.

MUIS Grants & Zakat

All MUIS Grants applications for aLIVE Madrasah classes and Zakat collections are processed here. We consolidate the applications for the needy families who require financial aid for the fees of aLIVE Madrasah classes. All forms of Zakat collection made at the mosque will be processed by us before being sent to MUIS for the consolidation and the sharing for Zakat recipients.

For more details: Contact us at 6852 8347.



Managing the facilities and the maintenance of the mosque is of utmost importance to this department. This department oversees the logistics, contract administration, security and IT, rental of facilities, day-to-day cyclical maintenance, repair and improvements for the operational efficiency of the mosque, creating a safe, cosy and comfortable environment for the staff, visitors and the Jemaah (Congregation).


Checks are done weekly to ensure our facilities are in optimum condition for mosque events, classes and rooms for rental of facilities. We also ensure the Audio & Visual facilities of the mosque is on optimal condition, ensuring the prayer call (Azan) is loud and clear, TV monitors capturing Friday prayers on live-streaming and events can operate smoothly throughout.

Rental of facilities

Rental of mosque facilities such as the Auditorium with seating for up to 100 persons, the main prayer hall for Marriage Solemnisation ceremonies and even classrooms are available.

For more details: Contact us at 6852 8370.


MarCom, acronym for Marketing and Communication, mainly manages the publicity for the mosque. Working together with the Estate and Facilities Unit, to upkeep the environment of the mosque, the department updates information and events on the noticeboards, Facebook and website. We work independently and provide backup and assistance to all other units and is the main base of communication between departments.


Publicity includes upkeep of Facebook, website, signage and noticeboards in the mosque. Posting and creating activity on Facebook are one of the key components to Publicity efforts as social media platform has increased outreach greatly over the past few years. Banners, posters and flyers are used as to attract more visitors to join our congregation and events.

Communication is also a form of publicity as we send Mass SMS to update and inform the congregation of latest events and information.

For more details: Contact us at 6852 8370.

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